Merry Christmas!

Oh how I love the Season of Advent! I anxiously await each year for its arrival…after all isn’t that what we should be doing the whole year through, anxiously awaiting for the return of the most precious gift ever received…the tiny baby that will someday return, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. During our time together this month we will emphasize the true meaning of Christmas, the story of love given to all of us, the birth of the baby and the promise of life everlasting….Mary, Joseph, Angels,  Shepherds and a tiny baby  will help to tell us the story. I am already seeing some beautiful keepsakes being made to help your child remember and retell the story every year.

We will also be talking about the “Magic of Christmas”…Santa and his reindeer, elves, gingerbread men and the joy that can be found in giving and caring for others at this special time. Our Four’s and Pre-k will take a journey around the world as they learn about Christmas traditions from other countries.

There are several dates you may want to note on your calendars:

Breakfast with Santa is December 10th…don’t forget to send your child to school in their favorite PJ’s. We will take each child’s picture with Santa and make sure you get a copy! We Love our Santa….Cliff Snyder and can’t wait to see him again.

School will close for all students at 11am on December 12th…thanks to all our wonderful parents for providing our staff with a wonderful Christmas lunch that day.

Our last day before the Christmas break begins will be December 19th. School will reopen on Monday, January 5th.

Speech Screenings will be held for all parents that requested on for their child on December 3rd

Angel Tree gifts are due back on December 14th.

We hope all our families will enjoy a wonderful holiday season and Santa brings you all you asked for! Take lots of pictures….time travels by ever so quickly!

Blessings, Mrs. Myers


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