Welcome Back!!!

It’s finally here! After a long summer it is time for our babies to return to school…we sure have missed everyone! We would like to welcome our new families into the Child Enrichment family and hope to serve you well! The doors of First United Methodist Church are always open and if you are looking for a church home we would love to have you. Our Ministers, John Fitzgerald and Debra Swing are also available for you at anytime.

Tomorrow we will have our Meet and Greet from 10am-11am, we hope everyone will have a chance to stop in and meet your new teacher and give your child the chance to become familiar with their classroom and say hello to some new friends. There will be lots of information for you to take home and read but I thought it might be important to highlight some of them for you…

  • Please take time to read the school handbook…It will answer many of your questions and provide you with all the things you will need to know to help your child’s preschool experience be the very best! Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.
  • We do need to have a current shot record and medical form on file…they are good for one year from the date of examination. We would like to have all files updated by October 1st.
  • You will receive a paper with your child’s name on it for use in your car window during pick up. Please display this in the front window when entering the driveway each afternoon. This will help us to have your child ready to load and keep the driveway moving. You would be surprised how many mommies have the same car. It will also help us if you will allow us to direct you forward to the appropriate place for pickup. We use a system of cones in the driveway that allows us to load three at a time and again keep the line going.  We will also ask for your patience in the driveway…sometimes it can get  backed up but we will do our very best to keep things moving. Please do not use Richardson Street to enter onto Wrenn St… this can be very dangerous and the High Point Police Dept. has asked us to  avoid it if possible.
  • NEW this year we will be offering monthly opportunities for you to purchase books for your children through Scholastic Book Clubs. The book orders will have a due date written on the back and you will need to make all checks out to Child Enrichment. You are under nor obligation to purchase but we do receive bonus points from the orders that allow us to receive free books for our school. There are monthly specials that are always a great bargain.
  • Would you like to Adopt and Angel? I know you already have one but this one comes in the form of a plush doll. We  would like to provide all our classrooms with a special Angel during Advent that will act somewhat like the Elf on the Shelf but our Angels are going to promote acts of love and kindness that can be performed daily by our children. Each Angel cost $15 and we need one in each of our 12 classrooms. During our Meet and Greet and during the first few weeks of school we will have a display in the lobby that tells you how you may purchase one of these sweet cherubs. You can even give it a name if you would like!
  • We are looking for individuals that have hearts for working with children to be a part of our substitute teacher team. If you would like to know more about it please let’s talk. You will have to meet a few requirements, have a background check and take a few hours of training….CE is a great place to work.
  • Each month we will share with you a donation item of the month…You are not obligated to purchase….it is just a way for parents to help if they would like. The item(s) for September are glue sticks and Clorox wipes.
  • We have many opportunities for you to volunteer …we need help with parties, class projects, event help and fundraising help. Please sign up when you visit for Meet and Greet or ask your child’s teacher how you can help.
  • Payments for tuition or other items can be left in the Child Enrichment mailbox in the driveway (located at the bottom of the steps) or in the Child Enrichment mailbox in the downstairs hall right outside of church offices or left in the Directors office located upstairs….please do not give payments to a teacher.
  • Remember to send your child to school each day with their tool belt loaded for success…a good breakfast, appropriate clothing for play, paint, fun and safety; book bag, a big kiss and mostly words of assurance that today is going to be a great day! Even if you are sad they are leaving you…don’t show them…give them confidence to step out without you! They can do it and so can you…we promise to love them while you are away.

Thank you for sharing your precious angels with us…we promise to take good care of them.


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